Nedjelja, 17. Veljača 2019, Hrvatska, V. Valentinov tek na Kokoš

iz 17. Veljača 2019 - 10:00 do 12:00
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Wall of Fame Valentinovega teka na Kokoš

Kategorija: ženske dvojice
Klementina Lemut in Ana Čufer, 0:33:44,4 (2017)

Kategorija: mešane dvojice
Petra Tratnik in Marko Tratnik, 0:30:11,9 (2017)

Kategorija: moške dvojice
Rok Bratina in Riccardo Sterni, 0:27:59,8 (2018)

Kategorija: ženske absolutno
Klementina Lemut, 0:16:1,9 (2018)

Kategorija: moški absolutno

Prikaži više
Rok Bratina, 0:13:14,1 (2018)

Kategorija: canicross/1pes/open in polar
Žan Žepič, 0:11:28,9 (2017)

Kategorija: canicross/2psa/open in polar
Damjan Žepič, 0:09:56,6 (2018)

Ena prireditev – tri tekmovanja!

1 - Tek parov za veliki pokal Valentinovega teka dvojic na Kokoš v kategorijah: ženski pari, moški pari in mešani pari.
Dolžina trase: 2.600m; išinska razlika: 259m.

2 - Gorski tek na Kokoš – tekmovanje posameznikov za točkovanje v pokalu Primorskih gorskih tekov in izven - individualno.
Dolžina trase: 2.600m; višinska razlika: 259m.

3 - Pokal CANICROSS - tek s psi v kategorijah moški/ženske ter open/polar
Dolžina trase: 2.600m; višinska razlika: 259m.

Video II. Valentinov tek dvojic 2016

Video I. Valentinov tek dvojic 2015:

------------------- Information in English

One Event – Three Competitions!
1 – Couples Run for the Valentine’s Day Cup to the Kokoš hill in three categories: women pairs, men pairs and mixed pairs
2 – Kokoš Hill Run – individuals competition, collecting points for the Primorska Mountain Runs cup
3 – CANICROSS Cup – Off-Road Run with Dogs in four categories women/man and open/polar

Start by the rock by the road to Kokoš hill
Finish by the rock at the top of Kokoš hill
Distance: 2,600 m
Elevation gain: 259 m
The trail profile graph and the course can be seen on the attached map of the course.

1 – Valentine’s Day Cup – Competitor who will break the record receives 100 EUR.
2 – Primorska Mountain Runs – rewards according to regulations
3 – CaniCross-Off-Road Run – Winners receive a package from sponsors.
Refreshment stations: at the start and the finish area

Health Conditions: Each participant takes part in the competition at his/her own risk. The event organizer will not be responsible for any possible injuries, falls or other medical issues of the participants. All participants must run at their own pace and within their physical condition.
Important announcement: Running time will be measured using a chip. Each runner will receive a chip upon registration. After the finish line you will enter an enclosed area by the exit where you will get to return your chip to the staff. A compensation in case the chip is not returned, shall amount to 25 EUR.

General Rules:
* All dogs must be microchipped, vaccinated against rabies and at least 1 year old on the day of the run.
* All participants must carry a dog passport or a certificate of rabies vaccination.
* Necessary equipment for participation: elastic leash or harness
* The use of the following is PROHIBITED: FLEXI leads and CHOKE COLLARS
* Competitors compete at their own risk.
We kindly ask all our dog owners to keep their dogs on leash and to clean after them.
*The winners of Canicross categories will be announced if there will be at least 4 competitors in the category.

V. Valentinov tek na Kokoš, Hrvatska događaj

Runda Digital Day - Zagreb

Runda Digital Day - Zagreb

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Četvrtak 07. Studeni 2019
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