Petak, 12. Listopad 2018, Hrvatska, Zagreb By Night Eternal Hill

iz 12. Listopad 2018 - 14:00
do 14. Listopad 2018 - 17:00
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Once more, Zagreb By Night (Camarilla chronicle) decided to host an international event. This time, we're moving to city of Pula and our event will be in Fort Turtian. (10 mins drive from Pula)

Fort Turtian & Pula:

The game is a Camarilla chronicle, continuation of 5 year long chronicle. For more info on Chronicle, check -

The team is working hard to bring you an amazing Camarilla game and this is more or less - save the date post. We plan to offer to you the place to play, but also a choice of hostel or hotel (discounted prices will apply, we're currently in negotiation with some places), alongside with transportation - if needed. Most of this depends on the number of players arriving. The price of everything will be known soon. :)

* Thursday, 11th of October - Preparty for those willing to come to Pula a day before.
* Friday, 12th of October - ZbN Larp Workshops during the day, first official game day. Workshops are mandatory, the game will start at 20:00 with end in early morning hours.
* Saturday, 13th of October - second game day, the game will start at 18:00 with end in early morning hours.

Prikaži više
You can reserve your spot by sending us an email to , make sure you answer questions below. The number of spots will be somewhat limited, keep that in mind.

Worry not if you don't have all the answers now, we can always update later!

1. How do you plan to arrive to the game? If you plan to take a flight to Pula, let us know. If you will arrive to Zagreb and then travel to Pula, also let us know.

2. If you will arrive to Zagreb, do you need a transport to Pula? If there is a suitable number of players doing that, we have an option of renting a bus Zagreb-Pula-Game location-Zagreb.

3. We plan to have a hostel and a hotel at our disposal for discounted prices. Which one would you prefer? We're still checking if it's possible to sleep in the Fort itself. This time, we cannot offer couch surfing spots.

Questions? Let us know!

p.s. Vampire game only. No mages, ghouls, werewolves, fae... Sorry! :)

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