Ponedjeljak, 10. Lipanj 2019, Vodice, 3rd International Summer School on Gaining Insights into Social Media

iz 10. Lipanj 2019 - 10:00
do 12. Lipanj 2019 - 16:00


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About the event

We are now in our 3nd year of running this event!
This year Dr Marc Smith (@marc_smith) from the Social Media Research Foundation joins us remotely including a Q&A session!
+ we are likely to include more speakers!
This year we also invite paper submissions of 500 words to be considered for presentation ! Email at 
Papers Track Chair:
Dr Joseph Downing (London School of Economics and Political Sciences) 

In intensive three days training participants will learn:

To use available social media monitoring tools (by hands on experience)
How to define goals on what metrics to monitor
How to develop measurement metrics
How social media monitoring and listening is used in different occasions

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To increase social media impressions and use social media to target different customer segments 
To use personality insights and machine learning to better understand consumers 
Insights from academic research involving use cases and new types of research that is possible 
What programming languages can offer that analytical tools do not  
We believe that it is best to learn using a range of theoretical and practical tools, as well as looking at case studies, and then applying the knowledge gained on getting hands on experience.

Our course is divided roughly into the following:
- Theory (20%)- Collaborative peer sessions (20%)- Present different tools and the functions of these (10%)- Provide a practical work and hands on experience (50%)
Learning will begin before the participants engage in the course. As participants will be asked what they would like to get out of the workshop and so the content we deliver will be tailored to the needs of the delegate, as much as possible. We will also source and deliver a number of papers for the delegates (course reading).
Some of the reports we produced
Comparing Tesco, Asda, Sainsburys, and Morrisons on Twitter: who wins?
What do Russell Group Universities look like on Twitter?
#WeAreInternational campaign demonstrates UK remains diverse & inclusive to international students & staff
Some of our publications
Ahmed, W., Bath, P.A, Sbaffi, L, Demartini, G. (2019). Novel insights into views towards H1N1 during the 2009 Pandemic: a thematic analysis of Twitter data. Health Information and Libraries Journal (2018 impact factor 1.19/ ABS 2*) 
Zhang, Z., & Ahmed, W (2018). A Comparison of Information Sharing Behaviours across 379 Health Conditions on Twitter. International Journal of Public Health. (2018 impact factor 2.617) 
Ahmed, W., & Lugovic, S. (2018). Social Media Analytics: Analysis and Visualisation of News Diffusion using NodeXL. Online Information Review. (2017 Impact Factor: 1.675). 
Ahmed, W., Bath, P.A., & Demartini G (2017) Using Twitter as a data source: An overview of ethical challenges.  Advances in Research Ethics and Integrity (Eds). Emerald Books.
Ahmed, W., Demartini, G., and Bath, PA. (2017) Topics Discussed on Twitter at the Beginning of the 2014 Ebola Epidemic in United States. iConference 2017. Wuhan, China, March 2017.
Lugovic, S., & Ahmed, W. (2015) An analysis of Twitter usage among startups in Europe. INFuture2015: e-Institutions – Openness, Accessibility, and Preservation. Zagreb, 11-13 November
Lugovic, S., Ahmed, W., & Jocic, M. (2016)  Twitter and Teaching: to Tweet or not to Tweet?  Contemporary Issues In Economy & Technology (CIET). Split, 16-18th June 2016. 
Summer School Contact : mail2wahmed@gmail.com
Organised by:
Wasim Ahmed (@was3210)
Sergej Lugovic (@sergejlugovic)
We have strong partnerships with a number of social media analytics applications. 
Social Listening Analytics Tools that we will outline




 Social Elephants

 Follow the Hashtag

 Network Insights Using Gephi 
Gephi is open-source and free and can be used for the creation of social data connectors to map community organizations and small-world networks.

Mining Social Media with Python and R
We will also touch on how social media data can be analysed by using as Python and R.  Social media managers and digital media professionals may wish to know what programming languages can offer which analytical tools do not. We hope to outline their advtanges, and offer an introduction to these languages. 


Venue Information 
Building where school is


Our venue has been described as the 'the best in the world' for a summer school, and it is located in Vodice , Croatia. Vodice is a tourist destination located by the sea in a wide bay area, known for its liveliness and a rich tourist offer. Vodice is proud of its antiquity and tradition.  We are based directly the coast, and you can browse out venue location on Google Maps. 
You  will need find yourselves suitable accommodation for your stay in Croatia. You can access the offical tourism website for Vodice to browse a list of hotels which are nearby.  Vodice is a town in the Šibenik-Knin County, Croatia. It borders the Adriatic Sea and has a population of 8,875. Our address is: Obala Vladimira Nazora 4, Vodice and there are a number of surronding hotels such as:

Hotel Arausa
Hotel Kristina
Hoteli Vodice 
Hotel Dalmatino
Hotel Villa Radin

International airports near Vodice, Croatia
61 km: Split, Croatia (SPU / LDSP) Split Airport
There are a number of ways to get from Split Airport to Vodice.
79 km: Zadar, Croatia (ZAD / LDZD) Zadar Airport
There are a number of ways to get to from Zadar Airport to Vodice. 
Things to do 
This is a really nice time to be in Croatia, and you can take a read of some of the events taking place in  here.  Our summer school has been held in collaboration with locals from Croatia, and there will be a number of social events taking place in evening of the summer school.  Read here on sight-seeing activities. 
Is the course right for you?
The summer school is designed to ensure delegates get what they need from the attending. So, for example, if specific training is required related to analytics and/or social media we will do our best to address this. A questionnaire will be sent to delegates so we can tailor our content towards them. This may be useful for those with specific knowledge gaps. 
"I attended one of Wasim’s workshops on Twitter analytics in Split, Croatia and I was really impressed with Wasim’s ability to explain complicated concepts in easy to grasp terms. Wasim’s knowledge of consumer engagement and digital media are to be respected, and I have no hesitation in recommending Wasim to anyone within the social data industry." Sandra Todorovic Regional Digital Media Coordinator at Nestle Adriatic.
It has been my pleasure and privilege to work with Wasim Ahmed over the last few years. His expertise in social media research and analysis is very impressive. He is a creative and resourceful thinker who has often helped find solutions to obstacles encountered during the collaborative research process. He has a tremendous work ethic. As an interdisciplinary NSF funded researcher I am grateful he that he is a member of my collaborative research team and growing knowledge network. I look forward to working with Wasim over the next many years as I embark on various projects. Enrico J. Wensing Ph.D. Postdoctoral Scholar, Columbia University, New York
Wasim is rapidly becoming the one to watch in the domain of Twitter research. His work includes some very interesting data visualization techniques showing how news is transmitted on Twitter and how communities form, which lead us to get in touch and offer him the use of our platform for his research. He seems to have an innate ability to get to grips with complex tools very quickly and has provided us with invaluable insights and feedback since the start of our collaboration.  Nicolas Huguenin Co-founder & CEO at Visibrain
It is my pleasure to recommend Wasim for Technology Consultation. He has worked with my company and has shown excellent communication skills, as well as being charismatic and articulate. He has an innovative mind that is able to leverage new technologies to their full potential. He also is a very strong cultural fit with our team, as a consultant, and has contributed in significant ways to Echosec’s success. Karl Swannie CEO at Echosec Systems Ltd.

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