Petak, 09. Kolovoz 2019, KINO LUMBARDHI, DOKU.TECH | August 09, 2019 @ Dokufest Film Festival

iz 09. Kolovoz 2019 - 16:00 do 19:30


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On the 9th of August, is coming to its mother festival Dokufest for yet another edition of .
In 2019, , will tackle issues and more surrounding the ever-growing struggle between humanity and digitization. Our speakers on the main stage will discuss Ownership, Autonomy, Independence, Interconnection, Privacy, and Security.

Technological advancements have helped us make everyday tasks easier and effortless, but with what cost? Nowadays more and more of the smart consumer electronics we buy track us in some way. They promise to learn your habits and improve their features when you agree to share your data with the company. Televisions, toasters, coffee makers, beds, vibrators collect and share your data - sometimes more than you know.  The rise of connected electronics raises a host of questions - What do we own? Who owns us? If we pay for something do we own it outright? What else do we agree to give up?

2019 brings you a diverse selection of speakers: people from all over the world whose ability to see things differently, utilize tech as an advantage, envision new worlds and test that vision against reality enables them to make real changes at the intersection of technology, society, culture, media, and economy.

In Prizren we will talk about their work, their motivation, humanizing the digital, digitizing the human, and about the vision for change in the Balkans.

Join us at Kino Lumbardhi in Prizren on 9th of August during Dokufest.



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*Tickets are free of charge but you need register in advance. Seating is first-come, first served!


DOKU.TECH | August 09, 2019 @ Dokufest Film Festival, KINO LUMBARDHI događaj

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